Creative Training & Coaching

Educational, Motivational, Inspirational

Secondary Schools

Positive Students

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions” – Albert Einstein

Creative Training & Coaching provides interactive seminars and  workshops for high school students that are aimed at enhancing personal empowerment through social, emotional and psychological development.

Seminars will run for one hour in a lecture style format. They are informative dynamic and full of practical information and examples students can relate to. Seminars can cater for up to 200 students and are suitable for schools who are time poor and wish to utilise a forum that will deliver a consistent message to all their students.

Workshops run for two classroom lessons and cater for smaller groups of 20-30 students. This more intimate and comprehensive form of learning will expand on the information provided in the seminars. The workshops are a lot more interactive and allow for a more personalised and intensive experience for the students. They are more hands on and give the students an in depth knowledge on the topic areas.
All topics will have an ‘Ideal For’ suggestion to help you decide what seminar/workshop will best suit your student needs. This however is only a suggestion and is ultimately your choice as you are the best judge of your students ability and needs.

Creative Training and Coaching has three broad themes to choose from: Educational; Motivational and Inspirational. Each theme  has four topics to choose from and they all encompass the learning and development journey for the students. They aim to assist students with:

  • New challenges
  • Balance
  • Courage
  • Vision
  • Motivation
  • Aspiration

Suitable for:

  • Reflection days
  • Personal development
  • Pastoral care days
  • Skills development
  • To compliment welfare programs
  • Student incursions