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School Parents

“Stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with them” – Dr Henker

An integral part of the school community is the parent body. As part of a national framework for Australian schools, the Australian Government has launched an initiative called 'Values Education'. Parents have been identified and recognised as key stakeholders in this process. To educate and inform them will be assisting in the education of their children.

Creative Training and Coaching have a variety of parental forums  that cater to educating and informing the parent body in your school. All forums run for approximately one hour with time for questions and answers . We have six workshops that cover a wide spectrum of current and relevant topics in a practical and informative way. Or alternatively contact us about tailoring a workshop to meet the specific needs of your parent body.

  • Anger management Forum : (Educational) this forum will cover the key concepts of anger. What is it? Identifying the triggers. How can a parent deal with it effectively? Who and how to ask for help.

  • Dealing with bullying Forum (Educational): how do you recognise if your child is a victim of bullying? What you can do as a parent to assist and support them and who you can ask for help. This is a very important forum that no parent should miss.

  • Depression/anxiety Forum (Educational): this forum will address two key mental health issues that effect nearly one quarter of the population. What are they ? Recognising the signs, support and seeking help will be covered.

  • Drug and Alcohol Information Forum (Educational): this forum will look at the key issues facing children and families in the area of alcohol and other drugs. An information packed session with facts and practical knowledge all parents should know.

  • Positive parenting and positive discipline Forum (Motivational): this is a practical look at the positive ways that parents can communicate and work with their child as parents and carers. To help achieve their potential as parents and get it from their children also.
  • Coping skills and building resilience Forum (Inspirational): this  forum addresses one of most important skills a parent can help foster and encourage in their child. The forum will cover the key skills that parents should be aware of for the positive mental health and development of their child.

Some workshops that are available include:

  • Anger management Forum
  • Coping skills and building resilience Forum
  • Dealing with bullying Forum
  • Depression/anxiety Forum
  • Drug and Alcohol Information Forum
  • Positive parenting and positive discipline Forum