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WHERE’S YOUR HEAD AT?: The Power of Positivity

Positive psychology and personal empowerment. Where are we at and where should we be? This workshop will discuss new cutting edge positive psychology and how to implement it to better your life. It will empower students to work with their strengths and take control of their future. This workshop is ideal for senior students in particular and may also be delivered as a seminar.

IDEAL FOR: Year 11 - 12

HOOKED: How to be motivated and inspired.

How am I going to study? I can’t be bothered, I am too busy, I am too tired. This workshop or seminar, focuses on getting senior students motivated about their lives. It takes the bull by the horn and involves them in their own future! After all it is their future. It is interactive and requires students to participate in real and honest dialogue that will engage and motivate them.

IDEAL FOR: Year 11 - 12

CHILL OUT: Relaxation and Stress Management

One of the biggest issues that cripples seniors students is – stress. How to identify triggers and implement stress management techniques  and coping skills will be examined.  Relaxation is emerging as one of the most important areas in positive psychology. How to manage stress and more importantly how to relax will be addressed. Practical exercises for students will also be included. This can be taken in either seminar or workshop style.

IDEAL FOR: Year 10 - 12

WHAT THE?: Goal Striving and Careers

This is an important workshop that will focus on what students want for their future. It is a strong and very direct look at future directions. It will ask direct and concise questions of the students, enabling clearer and focused paths. It will include fun questions that will focus on skills and interest and pair that up with possible career paths.

IDEAL FOR: Year 10 - 12

Suitable for:

  • Reflection days
  • Personal development
  • Pastoral care days
  • Skills development
  • To compliment welfare programs
  • Student incursions
  • Special need / focus groups