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THAT’S MINE: Power in relationships

This workshop will address the positive and negative aspects of power in relationships. It will focus on peer relationships and will also explore power in work and family relationships. This is an important workshop that will deal with some confronting and real life issues that all students should be aware of.

IDEAL FOR: Year 7 - 12

BOUNCE: Building resilience

What is it ? How do you get it? How do you use it ? All of these questions and more are answered . Resilience is one of the most important social skills to equip young people with. This workshop will teach the students how resilience can be used to their advantage to help better themselves and their lives. It may also be taken in a seminar style.

IDEAL FOR: Year 7 – 10

SAY IT RIGHT: Assertiveness

This workshop / seminar will teach students to say what they want in a positive way. Assertiveness is one the most important social skills that a young person should have in their social and emotional tool box of life. It will look at  the different types of behaviour from being passive through to being aggressive and assertiveness in between. They will learn how to use their words and presence to aid their cause.

IDEAL FOR: Year 7 - 10

YES I CAN: Confidence and self esteem

This workshop/ seminar will empower students to believe in themselves and their abilities. It will focus on skills that will allow them to identify their strengths and utilise the power within themselves. Accepting yourself for who you are and taking risks. Student participation is encouraged, to make this a combination of important information in a fun and interesting way.

IDEAL FOR: Year 7 - 12

Suitable for:

  • Reflection days
  • Personal development
  • Pastoral care days
  • Skills development
  • To compliment welfare programs
  • Student incursions
  • Special need / focus groups