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Executive Coaching: Coaching for your Staff

“Leadership is action not position” – Donald McGannon

Executive Coaching is one to one consultation with executive staff within organisations. It is aimed at enhancing on the job performance. Leadership in the top management ranks is often a lonely business and it can be difficult to get accurate feedback. Because it is challenging to improve leadership skills and job performance without input from others about strengths, development areas, opportunities, and workplace realities, many leaders choose to work with a coach on a development plan to achieve specific goals or a desired business result.

Some benefits of Executive Coaching:

  • Develop and improve leadership for current and new leaders
  • Leveraging your strengths and becoming more effective in your work
  • Increase leadership potential and development
  • Inspire and influence others to participate through integrity
  • Define and refine your role and others
  • Establishing clear career paths for employees
  • Collaborating and co-creating shared values and vision
  • Engaging others to unlock their potential
  • Ensure sustainable behaviour change
  • Aligning behavioural changes that are in line with goals and values
  • Maintain a high performance culture
  • Improve judgement and task performance
  • Creating an environment where employees can be productive and engaged

Various Coaching:

  • Life Coaching
  • Business Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Skills and Performance Coaching