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GO TEAM: Team building and group work dynamics

This is an interactive workshop on team building and cohesion. What are teams and why do we have them? What makes an effective team? The basic foundations of team building are addressed. This will get students out of their comfort zones and explore issues of cooperation, delegation and being able to work with others. It will challenge students to think outside the box and problem solve. A condensed version on the elements of team building is available in a seminar also.

IDEAL FOR: Year 7 - 12

RIGHT ON: Effective communication and active listening

Communication is an everyday part of life. We are doing it all day long- in one way or another. But ! There is a difference between communicating and communicating effectively and that is what this workshop or seminar will teach students. Listening, verbal and non-verbal communication will be looked at in an exciting and interactive way that will engage everyone.

IDEAL FOR: Year 7 - 12

LETS FIX IT: Conflict resolution and anger management

Conflict! It is a part of everyday life with family, friends and teachers. This seminar and workshop will equip students with the skills that they need to recognize and overcome conflict. Skills such as negotiation and cooperation will be covered. Student interaction through role plays will highlight some of the concepts that are discussed. It will also address the very real and raw emotion of anger. What is it? Is it healthy? How do you keep it in check? How do you know you need help? All these questions and more are answered. It will focus on triggers to anger and most importantly, coping mechanisms.

IDEAL FOR: Year 8 - 10

TIME OUT: Organisation & Time management

This is a very important and practical seminar  that will undoubtedly help students get through their final years at school. A really simple look at how to better organise ones time and make life easier. It will address how students can achieve balance in their lives through better time management. Examples of time management sheets and tips to take away will also be provided

IDEAL FOR: Year 10 - 12

Suitable for:

  • Reflection days
  • Personal development
  • Pastoral care days
  • Skills development
  • To compliment welfare programs
  • Student incursions
  • Special need / focus groups